About me.

Self portrait, Outer Banks Bike Trip, October 2018.

– Self Portrait, Wadmalaw Island, SC, 2017, iPhone 7

Self Portrait Self Portrait, Galapagos 2014. GoPro Export

I have been a photographer for many years, starting with film in the 70’s, then moving to digital and gradually improved my cameras over the years and currently shooting a Fuji X100S.  Now I am back to a mix of analogue and digital.  I returned to film to get back to the basics of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO with a manual Leica. How can something so simple be so complicated?

I recently converted all my digital archives to Lightroom, and was amazed to find that  I have over 28,000 digital files – half of which are underwater photo’s.  On a recent trip to Galapagos in August 2014 I also had my first foray into Underwater Video with a GoPro 3+ Black and created a couple of neat YouTube Videos:  amazing little camera by the way.  I still have boxes of old film negatives, and that is one of my projects in 2015 to convert these to digital as well.

With this Blog I wanted a way to share some of the photos I have gathered from my travels and experiences that strike me: hopefully they will be interesting for you too!  I will typically load only 1 or 2 pictures per post with an interesting subject capturing the moment from my perspective.

Enjoy, and comments are welcome!

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